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What our customers say


“One thing you’ll never hear Rik say is “Oh, that’ll do”
There is real care put into every aspect of his work and not just on the parts you can see. From the treating & repair of the supporting timbers, to the dressing & pointing of the stone and to the lead work - it’s all done with the same attention to detail and desire to do a quality job.
I used to go up onto the scaffolding to well, get in the way! and there are small details all over that you wouldn’t necessarily see from the ground but are there for the benefit of the job. The slight tilting of the tiles on the gable end, the hand fashioning of lead clips, a little upturn on the lead to prevent water run off – the list goes on.
There are two examples of Rik’s commitment I must also mention. Staying on the roof till 9 PM one boiling hot day to ensure the pointing didn’t dry out and the casting of half a dozen lead washers for better purchase of the downpipe mounting bolts. Just class!
So we’ve got to thank Rik for giving us a bespoke hand crafted roof that I know will never need working on in my lifetime – and in all probability the next generation’
s either. It has transformed and enhanced the look of the whole house and it’s no stretch to say it is a thing of beauty. Have a look up Gastons Road in Malmesbury to see how fabulous a roof can be.
Rik, as well as being a top man, is a true craftsman who has an inherent empathy for the materials and heritage of a building. I have no hesitation in recommending Rik to those who would like to see more than just "the roof being done"

A & A Bell, Gastons Road, Malmesbury

(See portfolio page 'Gastons Road' for the photos)